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[JayDee  Jepsen] Thursday, September 15, 2011 8:00:20 PM 
People, let me tell you all something. It's September 15th and Priest are here in Brasilia, Brasil TONIGHT! But I'm not there, why? I'm tired and really don't want to shell out  R$160.00 (they discount their price from R$300/ticket) to go to a more than half empty stadium. Labor is CHEAP here in Brasil which means they (Priest management) could have had some cheap labor paint some Priest concert advertisements on the concrete walls like every other band; plus some radio ads or 1 billboard....but NO...NOTHING! 
My gosh, Iron Maiden came here 3 months ago and there was advertisment everywhere including a Iron Maiden Billboard ad right outside my apartment building plus radio ads for 2 solid weeks before the concert and guess what.....SOLD OUT!  Furthermore Priest is here with 'White Snake' and I'm sick of old, out dated bands. My God Priest can't get a young fresh metal band vs dragging out old dead bands like Queensryche, White Snake?  these band were good 20 years ago but  come on!!!

When Priest did the Nostradamus tour they touted that they were most pround of Nostradamus BUT we got a cartoon video of 'WAR'!! What about the other 3-4 songs that were 10x better?  Then on tour they didn't play shit from Nos. just 2 songs..Prophecy and!  

I have loved JP for the last 30 years but since Painkiller they've had their heads up their asses when it comes to promotion. videos, producers (or lack thereof.)

KK was smart to sit this out and focus on his golf course!
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