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[acolyte55] Wednesday, September 14, 2011 4:14:24 PM 
going from disheartened it could be all over, to maybe its time  , really lemmy picks BTL!!! really????? i read the post below about the lack of advertising done by priest to promote their concerts and i have to agree, the most i have seen here in b.c. canada so far is at my local water slide for 80s night,  win tickets to( in descending order )  santana, janet jackson then judas priest!!!! WTF  a water slide is advertising the mighty? priest!  . they might be able to rest on their laurals if they didnt avg. 1 album every 5 years. thats why with iron maiden , even though their last 6, 8? albums are marginal,have such success, they are out there every 2 years promoting and  doing live shows and keeping the iron maiden brand a household name and on our side there seems to be a lot of apathy. we are all crying out for a new album but i think a lot , and i mean alot of us would be extermely happy with a back catalog/open up the vault tour, strip it down and make it intimate , a homage to the die hard fans out there!!!!,  that being said, epitaph oct 30th in vancouver will absolutely kill , just how many other shows could have killed? , we will never know , sign me sad so sad 
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