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TOPIC: compilation albums
[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, September 13, 2011 4:30:35 PM 
Budred and Maple Syrup I totally agree here. "SIGH".....its just so frustrating to log onto this site,see some new "news" only to find out its a boring trendy compilation album? Fuck man enough is enough!  Yes since Rob came back they have only givin us one fucking album that is worth a shit and thats obviously Angel of Retribution and now that was 6 years ago Budred!! 

This is another reason I like Saxon so much is because they don't fuck the fans around,and they get thier asses in and out of the studio every year and a half and gives the fans a brand new album every 2 fucking years....."2"....not every god damn 5 years!!! 

  Yes,its a bit much if you ask me,this band should stop wasting fuckin time and give us more music,fuckin a man Rob even said now they are not doing world tours anymore they can focus on studio time.....yeah right,we'll belive it when we see it....."sigh"...fuckin' Priest is so excruciatingly slow at releasing meterial.

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