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TOPIC: Nostradamus album
[J.D. DIAMOND] Saturday, September 03, 2011 4:01:22 PM 
HA lol sorry,I do have some jimmyjames in me haha! I can't help it sometimes so I'm guilty of talking shit too haha. Yes thats the center of my hatred is how long between albums.....once they realized that Nostradamus wasn't this big smash hit sensation that they hoped it would be instead of striking up the British Steel album tour they should of hit the studios again.

 Yeah they should of been in the studio working on a real metal album that has "balls" but with K.K. the drama queen that he probably is probably didn't want to record real metal anymore leaving the only option to tour British Steel again.

Now they got K.K. out of the way they can get back to "metal" again,but the problem is that the new album just can't top the top 5 best Priest albums with K.K.,it just can't but we can only hope its second best instead of at the bottom of the discography with Point Of Entry,Turbo,Ram It Down,Jugulator,Demolition and Nostradamus.

But overall they left us with Nostradamus for 4 years by the time the new album is out in 2012,thats just fucked up and that has bothered me with this band ever since they got Ripper Owens in the band in 1997 they finally release an album "Jugulator" no matter if you like it or not ect.

And then they wait "4 " long fuckin years just to put out the crappy Demolition album! Then it takes them 4 more years to release Retribution but I can cut them some slack for that because they got Rob back wha wha wha ect... but then it takes them 3 and a half years to put out the shit Nostra album and now 4 more long years till the new one arrghh lol.

Now thats just my take on this mess,surely yes I could be wrong but someone would have to do some serious work to convince me otherwise lol.

Edited at: Saturday, September 03, 2011 4:10:23 PM
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