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TOPIC: Any comments on these albums
[J.D. DIAMOND] Thursday, September 01, 2011 3:56:56 PM 
Point taken Head Banger. Don't get me wrong,I do like some of Jugulator but in my personal opinion and its just me but I personally don't like Ripper Owens "voice". I know some will be puzzled by this but his voice sounds too "american" if that makes sense,the way he sounds his words just doesn't fit in Priest to me.

That guy Rob from his project band Redeemer from Italy totally blows away Ripper owens into fragments of dust particals,they should of got somebody like that,Ripper's voice bugs me too much....but thats not all of it,I think the songs themselves were too under-par and of less quality. 

If Halford sang on Jugulator and Demolition I still wouldn't own either of them because of the song quality,thats why I don't own Turbo or Nostradamus. But I agree with you there....don't just not give it a listen because Rob isn't somebody else who knows...if they give it a listen they may love Jugulator or Demolition so yeah they should listen for themselves.

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