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TOPIC: My Metal Radio Show
[jimmyjames] Wednesday, August 31, 2011 3:19:12 PM 


Gojira - Of Blood And Salt

Def Leppard - Die Hard the Hunter

Cannibal Corpse - Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains

Ghost - Death Knell

Attentat - Goat Fucker

Dr. Midnight And The Mercy Cult - Sacrifice

The Sword - Lawless Lands

1349 - Sculptor Of Flesh

A Pale Horse Named Death - As Black As My Heart

Kataklysm - As I Slither

Rainbow - The Temple Of The King

Arch Enemy - Seed Of Hate

Cancer Bats - Trust No-one

Helheim - Viten Og Mot

Becoming The Archetype - Artificial Immortality

Uriah Heep - Wake The Sleeper

Trouble - The Tempter

Corrosion Of Conformity - Drowning In A Daydream

Motorhead - Steal Your Face

Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams

Triptykon - The Prolonging.

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