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TOPIC: Rate All Judas Priest Studio Albums.
[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, August 16, 2011 5:19:47 PM 
Yes Retribution doesn't have that "clean"  sound Painkiller has or whatnot ect...but for myself I have never given a shit about any of this type of production. I've heard "FAR WORSE" productions out there for what was supposed to be a decent production and Retribution isn't   "that bad"  in my opinion. Maybe its because I grew up listening to Venom in the early 80's and black/death metal where the production means very little as long as the sound is alright.

People keep saying if Allom produced Retribution it may have turned out cleaner,yet to me I think Retribution has a better production than Defenders Of The Faith does. I think the drums on Defenders sounds like a drum machine and to this day I belive that Dave Holland never played drums on the album at all but rather played during the Defender's tour instead,they just sound so fake to me.

Scotts drums on Retribution smoke the Defenders album by far,yet I rate Defenders at #5 all time and Retribution at #6. If they would of written a track like Demonizer in place of Lochness then I would of switched the two in my rankings. Just my look on it but I get what your saying.

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