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[jimmyjames] Saturday, August 06, 2011 6:11:15 PM 
What he actually says is that they played a "pretty great gig" it was some of the fans (not all) who were a bit apathetic around the fringes. He says they did a great set that their fans would have loved but the crowd reaction paled in comparison to Ozzys show the night before. This is understandable, I think, because Ozzy has a much wider audience than what Priest has and even people who weren't diehard Ozzy fans would be familiar with the majority of his set. Hence the reason they perked up a bit when BTL was played. To tell you the truth I, as a big Priest fan for 20 years, would probably use Prophecy as a reason to go and grab a beer too. Also by the sounds of it this was a festival show so it's understandable that the crowds enthusiasm might have waned a little after however many hours moshing. And being a festival not necessarily everyone is there to see Priest anyway. I actually thought it was quite a favourable review and maybe it was taken as part of a review from the festival as a whole rather than a critique of Priests set alone.
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