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TOPIC: My Metal Radio Show
[jimmyjames] Tuesday, August 02, 2011 6:38:56 AM 

Metal Meltdown 73 Set.

Iron Maiden - Drifter

Neurosis - Water Is Not Enough

Endstille - Trenchgoat

Septic Flesh - The Undead Keep Dreaming

Butthole Surfers - Ulcer Breakout

Amorphis - Crack In A Stone

Destruction - Nailed To the Cross

The Gates Of Slumber - Bastards Born

Obscura - Aevum

High On Fire - Last

City Of Fire - Gravity

Sworn Amongst - Exploited

Necrophagia - Mental Decay

Machine Head - Locust

Deicide - Trifixion

Desperado - Gone Bad

Strapping Young Lad - Far Beyond Metal

Children Of Bodom - Not My Funeral

Dark Fortress - As The World Keels Over

Slayer - South Of Heaven

Manowar - Metal Warriors

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