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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[Budred] Saturday, July 30, 2011 12:33:34 AM 
Guys, I just got back, I'm so damn excited, every single thing worked out  perfectly tonight.
I have the best pictures that I ever have taken. I have the best footage that I have ever taken.
You guys have got to let me share this stuff with you.
I saw every band that I wanted to see. All but two of them from right next to the stage. I got picks
from Trivium, Lost Prophets, and Disturbed. Here's the coolest and I didn't get a picture or video
to prove it but you got to believe me on this one. During Godsmack Sully came over to our side of
the stage. He jumped up on the speakers right in front of the couple next to us. He was jamming in
front of them and I started pointing down at my wife while motioning for a pick. He started to walk
away towards the middle of the stage  like he's going to walk right by us. Here's the cool part.
He stopped right in front of my wife. He got down on his knees and stopped playing. He started to stick
his guitar out (I thought for her to touch.) Then just let it dangle in front of her while he starts leaning forward
with the pick in his mouth. She's really short so when she started reaching she was struggling to get to
it. Then he was struggling to get closer (cause he's dangling over a speaker) and it was taking a second.
Finally she got it  and I noticed it was being shown on the screens. When she got it people were clapping
and patting her on the back. It was the coolest shit. I'll post my videos and pics over the next few days.
You guys will love some of it. 
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