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TOPIC: Rate All Judas Priest Studio Albums.
[J.D. DIAMOND] Thursday, July 28, 2011 5:09:54 PM 
Well "you" can put it on and "enjoy every time" but in 1986 I took that album and smashed it between my legs then chucked it out my window. Later I had to pick up the pieces in my back yard and that wasn't pleasant either. I hate the album just as much today as I did when i first heard it and I like posting how I hate the album.

There is an article I need to find I read a while back that Rob had even said that looking back he thought while the Turbo album had a few good tracks it was a disappointment to thier fans and he said at least a majority of the long time fans and how anything less than better on the album would of been a disappointment to himself and the band too.

which is another wording for how much Rob actually thinks it "is" a disappointment. I highly doubt he thinks this way of the Retribution album,not trying to change your opinion,just that mine sides in with Robs haha.

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