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TOPIC: Proof the world is full of idiots...
[Budred] Thursday, July 28, 2011 7:29:04 AM 
I know new threads aren't always accepted here and I have
created a few that I probably shouldn't have but this should be an easy one to keep going.

I'll start with this one.
Just read about a guy who decided to perform self surgery with a butter knife. Apparently he
tried to remove a hernia.I guess he didn't know hernia's aren't removed but repaired.
Anyway, my man took a butter knife and stuck himself in the gut and tried to get to the hernia.
When paramedics arrived they found a naked man in a lounge chair with a butterknife sticking
out of his gut. Not sure if it was before they arrived or after but I guess he removed the knife at
one point and stuck a lit cigarette in the hole. (to stop the bleeding I guess) The man was
placed under psychiatric care.
You try to "fix" yourself and they label you a nut. Go figure.
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