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TOPIC: Rate All Judas Priest Studio Albums.
[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, July 27, 2011 5:19:46 AM 
For me the stage cloths for Turbo are irrelevent because I heard the album in 1986 and fucking hated it BEFORE I actually saw them wearing those stupid lame fucking circus clown outfits,I actually thought they looked the same as Defenders tour but once I saw what they were wearing for the tour I about flipped out man!!!

Alright Hellrider(lol!) I'll never win here(not trying to either,just giving you a hard time haha!)  "0" skip tracks classic? Oh my god we think so far apart its not even funny...Parental Guidance to you is better than the whole Angel Of Retribution album besides Hellrider(the song) thats tough to read man I'll be honest with I've got to bring out the dud hammer to match Guido sorry man lol!!!lol Hellrider! 

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