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TOPIC: Least favorite song off each album
[You Don't Know What It's Like!] Tuesday, July 26, 2011 2:16:30 AM 
1. Rocka Rolla - none. Love all the songs on this superb & underrated album... plus anyone who says "Caviar & Meths" has no soul!
2. Sad Wings Of Destiny - "Prelude" & "Epitaph" are very Queen inspired (not that that's a bad thing), plus I'm not overly fussed for the studio chorus of "Tyrant". 
3. Sin After Sin - none. Another great album.
4. Stained Class - "Heroes End". Has never done anything for me I'm afraid.
5. Killing Machine / Hell Bent For Leather - none. As close to perfection as Priest can get for me.
6. British Steel - "You Don't Have To Be Old, To Be Wise". Another near perfect album, but this song, although a standout on most other albums, is slightly weaker than the rest (IMO).
7. Point Of Entry - none. Certainly not a perfect album, but it has a charm all of it's own, and I can happily listen to every song.
8. Screaming For Vengeance - "(Take These) Chains". Another song that has never done anything for me. Maybe because it wasn't written by the band.
9. Defenders Of The Faith - "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll". Not that bad, but again has never done much for me, and as above perhaps it's the Bob Halligan Jnr connection.
10. Turbo - "Locked In". Like the riff, but always found that whole "You've got the key, the key to my heart" etc chorus very naff.
11. Ram It Down - "Love Zone". Sounds like a Turbo reject, and hate that computerised drum sound.
12. Painkiller - "One Shot At Glory". Always found this song rather ploddy & the odd one out on this fine album.
13. Jugulator - "Cathedral Spires". Like "Lochness" it goes on a bit & the chorus & last 3rd of the song just doesn't do anything for me.
14. Demolition - "Jekyll & Hide". One word - silly! And certainly no competition for "The Ripper".
15. Angel Of Retribution - "Wheels Of Fire". Sounds too contrived to these ears. Very ploddy as well.
16. Nostradamus - "War". Full credit for trying something different, but this song for me just sounds like a mess, and is way too "parp-y" in the keyboard department.

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