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TOPIC: Priest Live in the UK!
[supernaut1968] Monday, July 25, 2011 12:54:53 PM 
 I read the review and it sounds great. However, I didn't say the band were poor, in fact they got a good review in the local press. My post was concerned with the poor attendance.

1700 tickets sold for a venue that holds 12,000 is not good. Wolverhampton Civic holds around 3,000 so we're talking about a venue that is a quarter of the size of Newcastle Arena. If JP had played a similar sized venue in Newcastle, it would have been just over half full.

Maybe the promoter should be asked a few questions as Newcastle has a long history of supporting rock bands. I saw Rush at the arena in May and it was full, despite no new album.

Maiden played on Saturday and again, it was full, so tickets can be sold.

I also heard that the attendance for Glasgow was poor...perhaps they were booked into the wrong venues.
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