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TOPIC: judas priest working on new material!!!!
[J.D. DIAMOND] Saturday, July 23, 2011 3:12:34 PM 
Well no,I'm not a "fanboy" of Retribution because to be a fanboy you have to like all the songs the same just like you do with your boring fuckin Maiden bulshit. I hate "Lochness" and only like the second half of Revolution...the first half sucks balls.  And I can't hear Night Comes down as "darker"....

I think WFF sounds darker to me,Night Comes Down is more closer to "ABBA" Hellrider hahaha!!  I still rate Defenders Of the Faith at # 5 all time and Angel Of Retribution at #6 so yeah Defenders is better but I hate Night Comes Down,always have its a stupid track and it sucks donkey balls. Worth Fighting For totally reeks of Desert Plains,both songs are very similar every Priest fan should hear even if not liking either tracks.

Don't see how AOR can compare with Screaming or Defenders...I'll bet Rob and Glenn would be scratching thier heads reading this....Judas Rising,Deal With The Devil,Demonizer,Wheels Of Fire,Hellrider,Eulegy........doesn't sound like classic Priest to you? WOW.  Now Hellrider hates Screaming For Vengeance as he said he only likes one song off that album so there ya go ? lol! Whatever...some people don't like Painkiller either and claim its "too heavy" and "not Priest" or its "thrash".  
I hope the new album turns out similar to Angel Of Retribution just to see you and Hellrider pissed off haha!! lol!

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