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TOPIC: Email Survey
[tasnam1] Wednesday, July 13, 2011 5:57:12 PM 

Some of the questions were contradictive in nature i.e. 

"Would you prefer":
A) Previously unreleased material
B) Material from the past that has not be released

(I am parapharasing of course)

You had to decide which was the better of the two.

Personally I DO NOT WANT MORE BTL-LAM-YGATC in live versions

I only want concert tours/songs that are LIVE but rarely have (if ever) been recorded at a show and released.

Glenn had mentioned in an interview that there really is not much studio stuff that has not been released.

I believe him. 
I will tell you why.

If some of the "bonus" materail that was released on the remasters was the "best" of the unreleased, then we are not missing much.

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