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TOPIC: MOVIES you liked and ones you didn't...
[guidogodoy] Saturday, July 09, 2011 11:32:05 PM 
Yup. Leads to "fatty liver disease" which does away with many a bird. Also not a good idea to feed them seeds as they are also high fat. Just junk food, really. Even those mixes are a bad idea as birds tend to only eat the "twinkies" leaving all the "veggies." That is why most bird experts feed birds extruded pellets. Basically takes a better mix of the good and bad and fortifies it with vitimins and minerals. ZuPreem, Roudybush, something along those lines in terms of pellets are always better.

That is for parrots, cockatiels, budgies, etc., though. A canary, on the other hand, is a higher energy bird and can get away with a seed diet and more millet as a treat. Depends on the type of bird.

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