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TOPIC: MOVIES you liked and ones you didn't...
[Budred] Saturday, July 09, 2011 6:42:25 PM 
I should have stayed away from this page. I feel so bad for you.
Doing what you may have to do is one of the worst things one has
to do. They were only cats but I had to do it three times in a two year
period and it crushed me. One was 15, one 11, and one 9. I said I
would never have pets again because of it. Of course a year later I
had another cat. I never will have more than one animal at a time
again though. It's too tough to deal with at the end. I'm really sorry
you have to deal with it now. My only advice is think of the dog more
than yourself. Don't make him suffer just to keep him around.
Take care.

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