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[Becks] Friday, June 24, 2011 4:30:19 PM 
I agree with you guys, people seem to forget Rob is coming up 60 years old and has THRASHED his voice like no other singer for most of his life. He will never sound like he did at 25 years old, it's a fact of life. I have enjoyed the youtube vids of this tour so far, and take Robs singing as it is. I don't think he has ever been able to sing Painkiller 'perfectly', so to speak, how could ANYONE replicate their studio sound on a song like that, much less 20 years after it was recorded! I don't understand when people bitch about his voice cos like I said, he is nearly 60 years old FFS!! To me for someone his age and considering what he has done with his voice for so many years, he still sounds great, just not what he was which is UNDERSTANDABLE and NORMAL I think. He will ALWAY be the Metal God anyway!

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