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[metallo] Friday, June 24, 2011 10:27:45 AM 
I agree with you and Budred, but in my opinion a singer like Rob Halford after 40 years singing heavy metal at maximum level demonstrates something incredible on having still this powerful voice. Then, of course, is clear that being over 60 is something different form being 25, but thinking to other great singers, more famous worlwide that Rob Halford, such as Robert Plant, Ian Gillan and many more (David Coverdale ????), no one was at this high level after 50, Halford has gone over them.
On last june 22nd, before Priest played Whitesnake. All of us know how is powerful the voice of Coverdale, but at last, after three songs he was completely out and thanks to long guitar solo and then drum solo he was able to finish after one hour.
Halford was on the stage for about two hour singing songs from Rocka Rolla to Nostardamus and always at the top, for a 60 years old fuckin' metal god.
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