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TOPIC: Ozzy vs. Dio
[badactress] Monday, June 20, 2011 2:57:39 PM 
Let's be controversal and go for OZZY! yknow I'm getting really tired of the bashing he gets. Remember the 80's when he was considered a god.. a living metal legend.. The madman.. the undesputed king of metal. Nobody came close (hehe dangerous words on a Priest forum but true). Then came 'that' tv show which portrayed him as a total imbecile who could barely change the channel on the tv and suddenly there's this huge backlash. It's like people were waiting for him to fall.. suddely he's an idiot, Bob and later Zakk wrote all his songs.. He can't put his socks on in the morning without Sharon telling him what to do. He's the metal goon who got lucky. BULLSHIT. Sorry but it pisses me off. Ozzy may not play a traditional rock instrument to any kind of standard, damnit he may not even write all his lyrics, but he can write a fucking good tune! So he may not be trained to tell his band to play an e flat major arpeggio then go into a g minor chord progression. But I promise you, even now.. and even on the "Kevin Churko" (SP?) project that was Scream, Ozz was in there with major input in both the music and lyrics. Sorry.. I don't buy the whole thing about him just getting lucky. Nobody has a career lasting 40 years at the very very top of their chosen profession without being incredibly talented.

Erm.. ok I ran out of words!!  I once spray painted the words Ozzy Is God outside the Mayfair in Newcastle and that seems a good way to finish and press send! :;o)

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