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TOPIC: Saving Private Ryan
[guidogodoy] Thursday, June 02, 2011 3:06:43 PM 
Honestly, I wish I could tell you. While my French is good, it didn't come close to an old fellah feeding pidgeons in a park. I am really only guessing French Foreign Legion because of the card and his love of America via his comments on his tie and the dollar bill. As you could imagine, his speech was slurred and he was hard of hearing so I didn't want to torture the guy..

He DID break out a great old tattered photo of him as a young man with some hottie "with great gams!" (my liberal translation of his words). Looked to be USA and he said her name but I don't recall. Musta been alll the birds around my head! Yeah, he even threw some rice in my hair. Great guy. I seriously laughted when the people before me ran from him when he was just trying to give them free rice for pictures. Asians of some sort. Guess they thought that he was trying to charge them. He threw a handful of rice at them and cussed them out like crazy. GREAT!

Me? I had no trouble whatsoever lining up to chat with him and get my handful of free rice! LOL!!! His wife (out of the pic) even clapped when she saw that I had walked a cold bottle of champagne various kms to drink to Charlesmagne / Notre Dame. Even told me where to hide in the park! HAAAA!

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