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TOPIC: downing gone
[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, May 25, 2011 3:53:03 PM 
Oh jesus h. christ are you fucking kidding me?  Its my opinion that K.K. isn't good for the band anymore,its my opinion that he hasn't been since the end of the Retribution tour and its my opinion that I'm glad to see him get the fuck out of here because I'm sick and tired of waiting for a real normal british heavy metal album,I didn't say I wanted the guy dead? Get a fuckin grip dude,do you want a tissue to wipe your tears?

Thats a "bit harsh"?   No,a bit harsh is the fact that the band hasn't done anything worth a shit for the last 5 years,thats whats harsh. So what if K.K. or the band reads this,you think my measily post can even begin to touch the surface of the kind of critisism they have endured over the last 35 years?  Turn back time to 1986 the Turbo album and tour and my "harsh" opinions are pretty tame.

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