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TOPIC: Guitars
[Budred] Tuesday, May 10, 2011 7:34:29 PM 
Most people posting here seem to know quite a bit about guitars. I got one for christmas and I need to learn how
to play it. I Know an old man who is a country musician. He lowered the strings closer to the neck for me. He gave me
a "Bad Monkey" tube overdrive and a "Main Squeeze" compressor. I bought a Korg tuner and he showed me how to
tune my guitar. The only thing now is to start learning. Is their anyone here willing to help a newbie. I was hoping
someone here could suggest a site to teach me some "simple" things to practice and help myself get started. I've
never touched a guitar before so any advice has to be simplistic. Could anyone tell me what  these pedals do. Any
advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm to old to become a musician but I've always wanted to play
a guitar. I don't expect to get great I just want to learn to play something. If you guys only want to talk to advanced players
it's all good. Thanks, regardless. Peace!
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