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[Tyrant] Thursday, April 21, 2011 9:14:06 PM 

I have to say straight off the bat, that as i got my first message and seing KK's name, i went cold. To read on and get the news, i was just relived to hear that , well u know , he is alive! I thought the worst, it was only a short time ago when i opened a message about Gary Moore, and well that didnt go down well i can tell you. I guess my message in all this is, lets not jump up and down about this. I mean yes its terrible, but i think, for me that is, after going through all the crap when Rob left, and Ripper joined , the fans , hmmmm well lets just say this. We all love our band, they have given us all since day 1. We dont need to know all the in and outs on this, cos its personal to the people we hold very close to our metal hearts. Let the people this relates to deal with it with our blessing, and hope that all can be happy with the outcome, then its up to us to except the news and show our selfs as the best and most loyal fans by supporting our band to the max!

I love Judas Priest , i love the music, and the people in it, and the people around it , to keep it going, lets all support them so it continues on, for as long as the guy's wish to do so! 

If they tour Australia , ( PLEASE DO ) i will be there, just as i was when they came with Ripper, and again with Rob... Yes folks , in oz they have only played twice..... My point is get out there and support our band, and if your not happy with the changes , remember to respect the reasons for it and do not hang it on them.

I know and trust that all we need to hear on this will be given to us on this and Kens web site, i dont need to know anymore than that.

Ken, all the best to you mate, and what ever this is, lets hope it clears up, and you get to plesure us with your music, in what ever shape our form it comes to us in, as long as it comes, you are an icon that we are lucky to of known and seen...



Never turn your back, on the Ripper! T.O Also Never turn your back on the Priest !  

Edited at: Thursday, April 21, 2011 9:19:02 PM
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