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TOPIC: Your latest Priest purchase
[spapad] Wednesday, April 13, 2011 8:12:10 PM 
I had on the razor the other day but it didn't change color, but then I didn't wear it in the shower as I took it off to get a picture of it.
The pick is greyish anyway and is probably made of pewter, so it will turn very quickly, with or without wear.  While I'm not completely sure on the substance; I would have to take a rosin cloth to it to see if it buffs up, then I would know. Can't seem to find the damn thing though. lol  I would not surprise me if it were a pewter cast, and it is not chromed at all and very doubtful made of anything else, due to the color.  Nickle Maybe?

Few minutes later. Found my cloth, and both the razor and the pic pollish up very easy with it. Pewter, most likely.

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