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TOPIC: Help! Aging Priest Fan
[spapad] Sunday, April 03, 2011 5:20:46 PM 
They didn't even give away a shirt like that at the Q & A at Bristow. Lot's of other stuff, mostly Dio Stuff.  A 13 year old won a pair of Dio thongs. LOL She was embarassed to death to accept them. lol

Rodkeen, does it really matter if you  buy a shirt at the show or not? Sure, would be brillant, but it does not matter if you just love the band. Buy a shirt from the store here and then wear it with pride when you go see the show this year, or early next year. They will come to Nashville and VA at least, so why not just do some traveling and enjoy your trip. It's all about the journey and the fun you had when you got there. I drove all the way to Nashville last time and had an excellent time. 

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