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TOPIC: Links to Judas Priest Interviews
[Daniela P] Sunday, March 06, 2011 4:16:41 AM 
Halford interviews you've never heard before!
I've been digging through some really old cassettes and found some of my old Rob Halford-interviews.

One of them is from Swedish national radio 1984, a rock-show called Rockdepartementet, where Rob begins with "I'm 32 years old...". Talk about stepping into a time-machine...!

The next interview is an "as-is" interview from the Painkiller tour back in 1991. It's about 45 minutes and not even I have heard the whole thing since it was done!

I used to record everything so that I wouldn't forget what had been said when it was time to write my article. This particular interview was also aired on a small Swedish radio station, Radio MCB once - but only about 50% of the whole interview.
It's as exclusive as it gets for those who are collecting Halford-stuff. I can guarantee that you've never ever heard this one.

I posted "Part 1" today. There will be part 2 and 3 as I dig out more...

You'll find the blog and the audio-files in an embedded player HERE.
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