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TOPIC: Rate All Iron Maiden albums
[cmijeh-croatia] Monday, February 28, 2011 5:53:47 AM 
1. Piece of Mind
2. Killers
3. Somewhere in Time
4. Powerslave
5. Iron Maiden
6. The Number of the Beast
7. 7th Son of a 7th Son

then a huuuuugeeeee gap then

8. Brave New World

(BNW is THE only album which can go in the same sentence with albums from the 80es, although far inferior)

then a gap big as eternity

9. A Matter of Life and Death
10 The X Factor

then in no particular order (as they are equaly weak):

- No Prayer for the Dying    (an album who was the 1st sign of decline)
- Fear of the Dark               
- Dance of Death
-The final Frontier

and at the end by my humble opinion

THE WORST HEAVY METAL (but still heavy metal) ALBUM OF ALL TIME:


(this albums contains all factors which describes its 'winning': awful production, worst sleeve and artwork, horrible and above all, trivial songs and non-listenable singer (who is a good singer on his solo cds!)
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