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TOPIC: Your latest Priest purchase
[paorcamp] Sunday, February 20, 2011 6:02:30 PM 
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! are you fu%&$ serious!?!?!!? can't believe it!! well, actually I do, I deal with "stoopid" people every single day, you never expect the nonsense they're about to say...

I think it was a great idea you made one on your own, $300 is too much for a vase

haha,, I can't get over it...hahaha... well I bet it looks great, it doesn't matter if people can't distinguish their thumb from any other finger, at least you know it looks great, and they should feel like idiots not even knowing what's it all about, so don't worry about that...personally I think it's a shame people do not appreciate all world history, and sometimes they don't even know their own country's, but it's good to have some smart people around
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