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TOPIC: Iron Maiden Discussion
[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Friday, February 18, 2011 7:06:30 PM 
You are right Becks,they truly aren't that shallow. Rob wanted back in the band long before it actually happened, but he put conditions on it such as wanting new management (which I WISH would have happened!) But a TON of shit went down when he left. Hurtful things were said by both sides and there were A LOT of hard feelings. It wasn't until Rob wrote a letter to the band, pouring out his heart, that they began to build the bridge again. Rob had a lot of making up to do with Glenn and once that happened they talked about reuniting. It wasn't for the money - it was because as Rob said, the greatest things he ever did were with Priest and that is where his heart is. KK said something like, why aren't we putting our eggs in one basket? They went to see Halford perform live and saw that Rob still had it. They are like siblings and siblings fight. Fortunately for us, they got back together and aren't holding any grudges. As Rob said before they got back together, we have to do it for the right reasons and not for money because the fans will know. Well, there you have it - we would be able to tell that they were there only for the money when on stage and trust me, they are having way too much fun and getting along way too well for it to be solely about money! I can't say the same about other bands though, reunite for one tour and call it quits again cause they can't stand each other.
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