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TOPIC: The Epitaph Setlist
[knac] Friday, February 18, 2011 6:54:56 PM 
Priest is my all time favorite metal band and if this is truly going to be their last tour I have a suggestion. I don't want an opening act. I would like to see them do what Rush does and play a longer set broken up into two parts with an intermission. This is their last gig so I would love a 2.5 to 3 hour show. As far as only one song from each album, that is tough, but here's my list. Rocka Rolla- Cheater Sad Wings of Destiny- Victim of Changes Sin After Sin- Sinner Stained Class- Beyond the Realms of Death Hell Bent For Leather- The Green Manalishi British Steel- Living After Midnight Point of Entry- Desert Plains Screaming For Vengeance- The Hellion/Electric Eye Defenders of the Faith- The Sentinel Turbo- Out in the Cold Ram it Down- I'm a Rocker Painkiller- Night Crawler Angel of Retribution- Judas Rising Nostradamus- Nostradamus
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