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TOPIC: anyone have pets?
[metalgodess] Wednesday, February 16, 2011 8:28:57 PM 
1.    A 16 yr old fat black rescue cat named William.
2.    A 1 -1/2 yr old gray tabby we took in as a kitten from a feral cat I befriended, named Bosco, total psycho-boy but awesome.
3.    3 feral/strays from the same mom that had Bosco - Tuffy, Blackie and Meeno, I made them an outdoor lodge to hang out in as kittens, and they never left.
4.    Hoping for another dog soon, had a couple as a kid, miss having one....pissed me off because I got all excited by a post at the Toronto Humane Society about an unclaimed Irish Wolfhound named Ruckles, huge huge dog, and when we went there, they dicked us around and said he was unavailable, probably because someone who worked there knew that was a 'valuable' breed and sold him off for bucks....I just wanted him cause I fell in love with his face in the online picture.
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