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TOPIC: Alternate vinyl albums to cds?
[spapad] Friday, January 07, 2011 9:59:40 PM 
My Vinyl stops at Ram it down. The rest is CD, at one time I had many cassettes but those don't last. I have not bothered with more vinyl because a turntable does not a kick ass stereo make! lol
I'm still looking to wear my Mom down on her stereo or just offer to buy it outright! I want it!!!!!! It's ancient now, but she's never used it! It just sits in her home gathering dust...............killing it! I must have it!

I'm going to offer her what she paid for it plus!  and see it she wont let me have that beast! She only bought it because she thought she needed it and NEVER uses it! What a waste of equipment. Makes my heart bleed!  She can't will it to me, it will be dead from dust by then! (No, I'm not being ugly just realistic)

Who would get more use of this stereo? ME! I would be perfectly happy to take her LPs and record them all to CD for her! But I need that stereo!!!!!

I'm sick, are'nt I?

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