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TOPIC: Will Priest release anything vintage from Vault?
[Nupe The Ripper] Tuesday, January 04, 2011 5:14:45 PM 
I failed to edit my post in time, so if it's okay I'll post another message:

Well, the unofficial Priest biography by Neil Daniels does state quite a few song titles that haven't still seen the daylight, although it is clearly stated that they've been recorded at some point. At least "Fight For Your Love" and "Under the Gun" are mentioned as tracks from the Turbo sessions alone, and there's probably many more given that Turbo was originally meant to be a double album, and not all of the songs on Ram It Down originate from those days. And there's no doubt that the other studio sessions from '77 all the way to the present day have a lot of leftover material as well.

Sadly, the chances of getting one are probably nil because if it was ever recorded in the first place, it has happened during the Gull years. And as far as I know all of the Gull-era demos are still Gull Records' property, and they probably won't give them back to Priest easily. The only Gull-era demo that has so far been officially released is the well-known 1975 studio version of Diamonds & Rust found on practically every reissue of Rocka Rolla. If Gull Records wants to cash in by releasing the same material from the first two JP albums over and over again under different titles, then why couldn't they be useful for a change and release the 1974-76 demos? I'm sure there's plenty of unreleased songs and alternative versions of more familiar ones. It would probably sell quite nicely though.
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