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TOPIC: Three new Priest songs
[Budred] Tuesday, January 04, 2011 4:39:06 AM 
I know most people here hate it but I thought "Demolition" was one of their heavier efforts. I think Priest has always progressed and changed
with every album yet they maintained an overall "Priest" sound. I think "Demolition" was their progression towards a modern metal sound. I saw
that tour 4 times and enjoyed those shows as much as some of the earlier shows I saw. Then they get Rob back and they make A.O.R. and to me
it just seemed like a step backward. The music wasn't as heavy and the overall sound just reminded me of stuff that they've already done. Yes
they had the "Priest" sound but the progression was lost. Then they did "Nostradamus". Never was I so disappointed with a Priest album. I think
it's funny that some people say the "Ripper" years aren't "Priest" but Nostradamus is. That is the fartherest thing from Priest that they have done.
Other than the A.O.R. live shows and the British Steel tour I haven't enjoyed anything Priest has done since "Demolition". Also, I don't want a 
"British Steel" album, it's already been done. No "Painkiller" either. I just want something heavy. I know the last shows will be  good  and I will
attend at least one of them. I just wish a "Judas Priest (Heavy) Metal" album would go along with it. Maybe it just can't be done.
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