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TOPIC: farewell tour
[Maple Syrup] Monday, December 27, 2010 6:56:06 PM 
You like me have everything old from Priest, incl. audio boots and limited video. My question to the Priest faithful and Gallery is: Now that Priest is saying farewell, will we get one last release of rare material from the vaults, whether Video or Audio? The possibilities would say there are so many things they could release, but in reality Priest has "never grasped the past" in providing us some of the early footage of the band. I firmly believe it just doesnt exist, whether is a show from British Steel or Point of Entry or earlier? Bands like Kiss and Maiden have hundreds of hours and footage yet Priest is very limited in what they have released. It may be a contractual thing with CBS or whatever but you would think after all these years we would get something. There was a rumour about a year ago about a Hamburg 1981 POE tour show on video (reported on - which has closed up shop sometime ago) was surfacing. Its just sad to think when Priest finally hangs it up and says goodbye we are left with only a handful of shows from the early tours. Yes we know about Old Grey Whistle, Tokyo 1978, One clip of Green Manalishi from 79-80, the dubbed chicago show from 1981.. but thats it seriously on the old stuff. I guess after following JP after all these years and tours, this Priest fan was hoping to get something that showed them in the raw, ripping the tunes and what made them so great in the early years. I can go on but I am just left with an empty feeling that without any release from the vault, people will not get to see what we remember was Priest in their heyday, ontop of the metal world. No need to post your favorite setlist here, just an explanation into why we havent seen anything like this from the "Priest vault". Thanks. MpleSyrp (BIll B.) Edited at: Monday, December 27, 2010 6:48:00 PM
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