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TOPIC: Next Priest Studio Album
[JT_Small_Deadly_Space] Friday, December 24, 2010 4:22:51 AM 
Yeah I hate to say it but Priest won't be making another album which to me is the biggest disappointment ever. They will be making another live DVD and CD (K.K. confirms this on his website in the questions for K.K. section) however I very much doubt there will be another studio album cause he leaves this out of his answer to one of his fans questions.

Here it is:

Hello "The Metal Gods Of Earth",I am a 30 year plus fan of Judas Priest, and the band, and Metal in general. I am now 43, and unemployed/laid off right now from my industrial sales career but I still come up with ideas or new concepts to help people, or myself cope with my unfortunate time off right now.
Iron Maiden, is also one of my very favourite metal bands as well.
As you know a lot of bands are touring together as a type of "reunion tour" of great bands from the seventies, eighties and nineties and today.

I came up with an idea overnight that I think could be a real money maker for you and your metal band. I believe metal fans all over the world, in general would love this concept below.

New 2011 Concert Tour/New 2011Album/DVD Concept:

Album Cover: Eddy, of Iron Maiden wearing a formal priest outfit, with a halo above his head, sitting behind an holy alter, in a old cathedral. Please use the current artist you used from the past. Album Colors: Black/Silver/Gold/Mid-night Blue/White glowing halo/collar/background stars.

Album/DVD Content: Top ten songs of both bands "LIVE"

Concert Concept: Both groups tour together performing each others songs, and performing songs together on a world tour and record these performances for the new live concept album.

Thanks for being a part in my life with your great music. Please feel free to contact me on this concept. Please give me your thoughts on this concept I came up with overnight.

Very Sincerely, Richard Harris II

K.K's response:ac

Hi Richard. I am sure some of your ideas would certainly wet the appetite of many fans. If nothing else I am sure that you will have a kick ass Priest tour next year with all of the trimmings, DVD etc. so hope to see you then.
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