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TOPIC: The NFL Thread for 2009
[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, December 22, 2010 3:45:55 AM 
The Browns are my alltime favorite team because of the mid 1980's when Bernnie Kosar was QB with Byner at RB,Webster Slaughter,Reggie Langhorn,Ozzie Newsome they had a killer team which played in 3 AFC Championship games in the 80's but they were beaten by John Elway's Broncos....all 3 of them! I remember it well. They were so close to the Super bowl,however if they would of won all 3 they would of faced Phil Simm's Giants in 86' then the Washington Redskins in 87' and Joe Montana's 49ers in 89' so they would of probly lost those Super Bowls but you never know.  They need a great QB with a great offensive line,thats what they need.
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