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TOPIC: Next Priest Studio Album
[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, December 08, 2010 4:42:43 AM 
Am I pouting about Judas Priest hanging up the leathers without a new studio album? You bet. Is it fair to the band? Nope. Am I being selfish? Yep.  Do I give a shit? Nope. I'm sorry about my rants but I'm losing everything over here and now there goes my favorite band without one more record and it just frys my fucking ass big time.

Fuck man Hellrider we have been waiting for this next Priest beast metal monster of a studio album ever since we both first heard Nostradamus the week it was released and now to read this shit,I highly doubt they would tour old songs,then record a new studio album,then retire....the odds are stacking up against it Hellrider and this is why I'm frustrated. FUCK!  I'll accept the fact that I think we've lost the war of waiting for the new album hellrider but for me this lame fucking year 2010 can't get over quick enough for christ's sake.
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