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TOPIC: Next Priest Studio Album
[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, December 07, 2010 5:20:15 PM 
Neah,I understand what you are saying and I also respect it spapad but everybody is different and to me I can't stand to see this band live again,the last time I saw them it was 1988 Ram It Down tour as they didn't come to Seattle for the Painkiller tour,and thats the last time I saw them.

I just can't stomach seeing them live without a new studio album to go with it,I just can't do it at all. So this is it for me. My memories of my favorite band are from 1980-1981 to 2005-2007 the end of The Angel Of Retribution tour,thats it for me. I don't like the band that much at all from 2008 -2011...I just don't. They watered themselves out of "Judas Priest" in my opinion and its too much of a tease to see them live knowing they could of easily released one more killer album. I do hope you enjoy the live show next year,but I've just buried this band in my mind.....they are "dead".  

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