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TOPIC: Next Priest Studio Album
[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, December 07, 2010 4:51:10 PM 
Well its just bullshit the way Halford explained and kind of let us to belive that we would be getting "great" news in December and now this shit? Are you fucking kidding me? Jesus Christ whats wrong with this band?  Its not that hard to go into the studio and record another album...oh forget it,its just as best they give up,like Necroticist said the last album by Priest and the last 2 from Halford are crap so just stop the bleeding already.

I was stupid to think that the new Halford was talking about would be news of a new studio album but silly me. I can't get around it,no matter how hard I try .....I just can't stand this band after the year 2005....I'll give it to the end of the Angel Of Retribution tour so after 2007...this band is 100% "shit". I'm gald all of you have good attitudes and will see the band live again,but not me. I'm a studio album fan not a live show fan so for me the buck stops here unfortunately.

Oh well,at least Motorhead and Saxon are still "kick ass" and Motorhead is releasing thier 20th studio LP and Saxon is releasing thier 19th studio album,while Judas Priest will be stuck at 16 albums with Nostradamus being the final curtain? WOW. A classic "heavy metal" band going out on a sour note like nostradamus is "weak" its "sad" and its "pathetic". Judas Priest will always still be my favorite band but not after 2005,thats for sure. "SIGH"  yet again.
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