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TOPIC: Next Priest Studio Album
[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, December 07, 2010 3:49:45 PM 
Well Hellrider,I do thank you (and I speak for all of us here I belive) for lifting our spirits up as much as you could these last 3 years after the release one of the band's crappiest albums,you've givin us hope when the guys in Priest have NOT. For this I hail you as the best Judas Priest supporter I have ever known.

Unfortunately Nostradamus will be Judas Priest's last studio album and I for one am shocked with utter disappointment and will "NOT" see the band live if I was paid to. I don't give a rats ass about live shows anyways,I have always been a fan of studio records and now we will not be fucking getting one from our favorite band of all time. 

I for one think its utterly fucking "SAD" that this band with all this talent is giving up and throwing in the towel while I'll bet the "Halford band" will keep recording bullshit. So be it,this year has been one shit year and why not end it with this shit news? "SIGH". Fuck the "Epitaph" tour....what a "tease" to see them on stage with energy just to know they aren't gonna record us a blistering heavy metal album.

I Know that there may be other reasons behind the scenes but going out on Nostradamus is totaly 100% fucked and its bullshit and I will forever be pissed off at this band for doing this crap. This isn't how a "heavy metal" band should go out.

WHY IN THE FUCK DIDN'T THEY JUST RETIRE AFTER ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION????  WHYYYYYY???  I can accept that they are retiring but couldn't these lazy bastards give us one more fucking studio album to go out on? Nooooooo they have to tour again....well fuck that,the last time I saw Judas Priest live it was 1988 Ram It Down tour and that is the last time I'll see them. I ain't going to see some farewell tour without an album to go with it,so count me fucking OUT.

At least I still have Motorhead and Saxon...both are releasing.......fucking drum roll please.............BAM!  "STUDIO ALBUMS"!!!   Motorhead is releasing "The World Is Yours" in January 26th 2011 and Saxon is releasing a brand new studio album in March 2011 with out a title yet but they are in the studio right now probably scratching thier heads wondering why Judas Priest is retiring. 
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