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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[Budred] Monday, December 06, 2010 8:40:32 AM 
 ...Hot Rockin' Metal Goddess.  

              I hope and pray(to any being that may be out there) that you and your
             husband made it home O.K.. When I left downtown Cleveland it was clear but as soon as I hit the interstate
             it turned into a mess. The snow started coming down so hard I could barely see. Then the roads got covered
             and half the time I couldn't tell which lane I was in. I-80 traffic flow on a normal day is about 75 miles an hour.
             There was about a twenty mile stretch where it literally came to a crawl, maybe 25 mph. I started to get a bit
             of a migraine before I left the show and man did it make my drive home torturous. Not being able to see through
             the snow and light reflection off of it was causing sharp pains behind my right eye and down the side of my head.
             It got so bad I thought I would have to pull over and throw up. I still had the damn thing when I woke earlier. It's
             subsiding now thank goodness.

                 Lastly and again, HRMG I hope you made it home safely.
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