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TOPIC: anyone have pets?
[guidogodoy] Friday, November 12, 2010 11:10:06 PM 
Night and DAY different. She would be happier chasing blueberries I drop on the floor all day long. She doesn't wear a shock collar because she doesn't ever wander farther than the end of the pool cover unattended. When she needs to go out, I have to send Calvin with her because at least he barks when he wants back in. She will just sit by the door patiently waiting.

Unless the deer start dropping blueberries, I am safe with her.   [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Vaillant 3.0 from Friday, November 12, 2010 10:58:46 PM)
Edited at: Friday, November 12, 2010 11:10:44 PM
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