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TOPIC: The riddle topic
[guidogodoy] Monday, November 08, 2010 9:17:49 PM 
Most certainly. Hendrix and Leary were friends. Hendrix was one of the many who was an open "disciple" of the teaching of Dr. Leary who, among other things, preached the use of psychedelic drugs (LSD) and marijuana.  

They even recorded a well-known track together. Do a youtube search for Leary and Hendrix:

"Hendrix has dinner with Timothy Leary, Devon Wilson, and Jann Wener, Editor of Rolling Stone magazine. Afterwards, Hendrix joins Leary at the Record Plant where they (alongside Stpehen Stills, Buddy Miles, and John Sebastian) record "Live And Let Live." The track is later released on Leary's 1970 You Can Be Anyone This Time Around what was originally designed as a campaign engine for his bid to become Governor of California in 1970. By the time the album was released, Leary was back in jail."

Hendrix is an easily recognizable image of the 60s. Besides, who'd want a Harvard Ph.D / psychologist in a music vid?! LOL!

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