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[spapad] Sunday, October 17, 2010 9:00:46 AM 

R.I.P. June.

Barbara Billingsley, the television mother who millions of Americans grew up watching, has died at age 94.

Billingsley who gained supermom status for her portrayal of June Cleaver, the supportive mother of a pair of precocious boys in Leave it to Beaver, was at her home in Santa Monica, California , Saturday when she passed away, said family spokesman, Judy Twersky.

When the popular show debuted in 1957, Jerry Mathers, who played Beaver, was 9, and Tony Dow, who portrayed Wally, was 12.



Fond memories: Billingsley poses next to a portrait of her television family in a file photo taken in September of 1986 file photo

Reunion: Jerry Mathers, Barbara Billingsley, and Tony Dow, posed for a photo as they reunited in Santa Monica, California in 2007

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