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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[Budred] Saturday, October 16, 2010 6:46:09 AM 
 Hello all. I have something I wanted to share. Yesterday, after waking, the wife and I realized we had the day off together.
                   The weather was OK and the trees are changing so we decided we would go for a drive. The problem was where to go?
                    We thought of four or five different drives when this place called Cooper's Rock State Forest popped into my head. I
                     remember someone telling me about it but I've never been there. I didn't even remember which state it was in or how far 
                      from home it was. We googled it and found that it was near Morgantown W.Va., about 2 hours away so off we went. The
                      drive down was beautiful. Rolling hills and rural farm areas pretty much the whole way. It was nothing compared to the
                        State forest we were going to. When we got there we took this little road through the forest area that felt as though you 
                         were almost driving through the trees. The fall colors made it nice. We got to this parking area that had a couple of trails,
                          one leading to an overlook and the other twisting through the woods through a maze of giant rocks.(not literally). You walked 
                           over, around, and between them. There were crevices and holes and a bit dangerous in places. Then we took the path
                            to the overlook. This is why I'm posting this. This overlook was one of the most incredible sites that I have ever seen. You
                             could see for miles in both directions. A massive hill in front of you filled with colorful trees. Valley's in both directions with
                              a little river snaking through it. You were miles above it and the only signs of urban life was a town miles in the distance.
                               It was truly an awe inspiring experience and I will have to post pics soon. I guarantee some will enjoy. To do something
                                so spontaneous and have it turn out so good and share it with my wife made yesterday a very special day. I'll share soon.
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