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TOPIC: Over rated bands
[Budred] Thursday, October 07, 2010 4:00:39 AM 
Idiotic stupid people that I like? I've never heard anyone say it but you. And yes I do like them, very much so, and
actually find your criticism funny. If your life is so pathetic that you have to sit in front of the computer and rip everyone else's
music because it's not Saxon or Death Metal then you really are in a sad state. You're missing out on so much. When I was
a kid (7th grade) I used to think music had to be metal to be good. I've since grown up and my mind has evolved as such.
Some minds never evolve and always stay in a childlike state. Then they rip everyone else thinking they know best when actually
they don't know sh*t. So go ahead, call my music shit, you'll think your right and in your world that's all that matters. In my world I'll
just laugh.
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